I'm available to draw your caricature right away! Please email me your photographs to jp@familiarimage.com. I will email you the price for you personal caricature project. I look forward to hearing from you! John Pearson
Hi! My name is John Pearson. I've owned and operated caricature booths at 2 Six Flag amusement parks. Before that I was an animator for 3 years on Disney CDRom games followed by 3 years on the TV Show The Simpsons.

At Familiar Image we create hand-drawn caricatures with pen and paper for many fun and exciting uses. All caricatures are drawn on 80 lb card stock with black markers.

Now, instead of having to go to an amusement park or tourist destination, you can get a caricature online for delivery to your home and your email without even leaving your house.

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We look forward to drawing your personal.....

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